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Optimizing your business with AI and digital intelligence

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AI Training

Engaging and informative session for all levels

At OptimizeAI we share our expertise is through talks and workshops. Our presentations and sessions are designed to provide actionable insights and practical strategies that can be immediately applied to drive digital transformation and innovation.

AI Due Diligence

Calling BS on AI

Before you partner, buy or invest in an AI solution, we will help you determine what parts are BS. We help you critically evaluate the claims made by those looking to create or sell AI solutions. With our deep understanding of AI technologies and ability to assess the validity of the data and algorithms used, we will help you verify the accuracy of data used in model development, examine the underlying model architecture, and evaluate the performance of the system in different scenarios.

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AI Scoping and Design

Expert Guidance

Identifying viable use cases is not a scalable one-size-fits-all program. Understanding your organization's readiness and opportunities is very specific to you. Our workshops will guide you through opportunity identification, opportunity ranking, to design, planning and execution. It is entirely based on what is best for your company.

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Digital and AI Execution

Identify, explore and build relevant digital and AI use cases

Data is your biggest asset, are you maximizing its value? OptimizeAI works with teams to understand the opportunities of technology and data. Using a range of tools, OptimizeAI will guide your team through a range of exercises to brainstorm, evaluate, and map out the feasibility for the right digital, data and AI use cases for your organization.

Build Digital Intelligence

Full-service support to scope and plan the digital strategy for your organization

Companies are using digital intelligence and AI to reduce human effort, reduce risk, improve accuracy, automate tasks, increase customer satisfaction, reduce labour costs, improve processes, reduce inventory, and better manage costs. When you're ready to increase your position relative to your competition, we will help you strategize, prioritize, develop and launch successful digital solutions that will grow your business.

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